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Enjoy these free downloads for your daily zen.
20 Day Self-Care Challenge

The  20 day challenge gives you the option of 24 activities to challenge yourself. Select 20 things to do for 20 days straight as part of your wellness journey. 

The Wheel of Life gives you the opportunity to rank different areas of your life and see where you may need to focus on to balance your life and wellness. 


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The Formula
Spirituality (what connects you to something bigger than yourself)
Wellness (what takes care of your vessel/body)
Self-Development (what challenges your mind to expand)
Fun (what makes you feel like a kid again)

It's easy to get caught up in the day to day, and before we know it a year has gone by and we are in the same place even though we wanted to grow.  Life is the beautiful balance of discipline and flow. This formula helps to guide you with a little discipline towards that authentic self inside all of us. Commit to at least one activity in each category for 30 days, and feel your life positively change. 

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30 Days of Gratitude Morning Routine

A simple reminder to be thankful for one thing each day. Gratitude rewires your brain to be happier.  Give yourself a moment each morning to notate one thing you are grateful for. 

An important aspect of a gratitude practice is to feel the emotions. For example, if you are grateful for your dog, as you write that down feel the emotions of how happy your dog makes you feel for a few minutes. 

Digital download PDF* click image to download fillable form

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Your First Step Towards Personal Freedom

In this blog we talk about how to become personally sovereign by utilizing boundaries, your inner power and discipline.


Get Out Of Autopilot

The majority of our lives are spent using our subconscious programming.  Which is great when we don't have to think each time we do something typical in our day to day. But this also can keep us stuck in our comfort zone without growing to our heart and souls desire. Learn how to get out of autopilot and thrive. 


Mornings are Magic, Embrace Them

In this blog we highlight the importance of a healthy morning routine to set up your day and life for happiness, health and manifestation. 

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