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Meet Our Teachers our retreat hosts

Our teachers are from all over the world. Each with their own technique, their own passion and their own energy to help you on your journey. They are passionate about building communities, creating sensory experiences and empowering you to live your passion, purpose and light.

Some principles we believe in

We all have an inner power

Our intuition is our guiding light

Living purposefully heals the planet

Helping others ignites a spark within and helps us all

Together we can raise the vibration of the planet

Lizzy Sutton


Yoga & Life purpose coaching

Lizzy lives in Texas and brings a combination of peace, passion and purpose into everything she does.   



Sound healing & Pyscho-spiritual support

Fatma resides in Tunisia and provides a holistic approach to energy and sound healing. 



Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation

Kloe lives in Chicago and has traveled the world receiving 1500 hours of different types of yoga training. From traditional Pranayama, Meditation, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin yoga, restorative yoga and Ayurveda, she also trained as a Yoga Therapist.



Meditation, Channeling & Intuitive Coaching

Nikki lives in Chicago and provides intuitive coaching, channeling and meditation with a passion to remove blocks and live an easeful, happy and fulfilled life. 

Learn more about our teachers on these podcasts

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Flow Aligned Coaching Podcast with Lizzy Sutton

The Hannah Summerhill Show

Lifting the Veil and channeling our Guides with Nikki Sucevic

The Sentri People Podcast

Uncovering your Authentic Self with

Nikki Sucevic

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