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Offered on select Tuesdays at 1pm with Kloe. We will update you via email with the dates. 


Come and experience the rejuvenating and harmonizing midday yin yoga session with Kloe. Yin yoga, characterized by extended holds predominantly in seated positions on the mat, is tailored to engage our connective tissues. In contrast to the muscle-focused approach of vinyasa classes. This practice facilitates the smooth flow of energy, enriching the circulation of chi within our organs, fostering not just robust muscles but also vital internal systems. With an emphasis on the body's meridians, yin yoga brings equilibrium to our organs, alleviates stress and anxiety, enhances joint flexibility, and fosters mental serenity. In yin yoga, the slow and introspective pace allows for inward reflection and a deep attunement to both mental processes and bodily sensations. Through sustained poses, yin yoga facilitates the stretching and elongation of these often underused tissues, while guiding students to cultivate breath awareness and cultivate a peaceful mindset amidst discomfort. Did you know that some silicon valley companies have incorporated yin yoga sessions into their employees' wellness offerings as a midday reset? Join us for an hour-long midday reset, and embark on a journey of inner replenishment and holistic well-being. *Only available as a 4 class pack to receive the full benefits.

4 Pack Yin Yoga with Kloe

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