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Heal Grief w/Spirituality (Free) June 3

How can our spiritual connection not only heal, but honor our grief as part of the human experience?

  • 1 hour
  • Zoom

Service Description

In this 1 hr class Nikki will go into the details of how her spiritual journey began as a way to connect with her father who passed in 2012. Nikki always had an interest in spirituality, but it wasn't until the news of her fathers illness in 2011 that she began to connect deeper, seeking teachers and constantly learning. She attributes her energy and outlook around death and loved ones to her spiritual connection and what she's learned. From quantum physics to shamanic knowledge, intuition to understanding energy these tools helped her ground into deeper knowledge of her soul. This is what she teaches in this class. This is a call that goes into the woo, learning how to connect, how to protect your energy, and how to not only ask for signs from your loved ones that have passed, but how to communicate and feel love. Nikki found that humor and lightheartedness are HUGE parts of how spirit connects with us, showing us that things aren't that serious. Monday June 3 7pm 1hr

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