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Sacred Women's Circle - June 4

Rest, connect, and focus on physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing in a sacred space.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 22 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

On Tuesday June 4 at 7pm CST Lizzy Sutton of Wild Woman Yoga & Flow Aligned Coaching leads a supportive Sacred Women's Circle. Our women's circle brings together generations giving us time to rest, connect, and focus on physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. Why join? These sacred gatherings give women a safe space to connect, share, celebrate, and empower. When we participate in a women’s circle, we carry on the tradition of our female ancestors. We form a sacred community guided by the feminine energy that allows each woman to feel safe, connected, empowered and heard without judgment. What is it? Our Sacred Women’s Circle gives each woman a chance to speak their truth without judgment. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with supportive, empowering women, it releases the weight of our burdens. We talk through our stressors. We step beyond the wall of fear, and into the freedom of our strength. It's a place to build community. Society has often found ways to break apart the sacred bonds between women. A women’s circle reminds us to treat each other as allies, rather than competition. We laugh, share our joy, and celebrate each other's wins. We hold space for each other in times of need and embrace one another without question. It's self-care. Women play essential roles in society. They are friends, mothers, wives, aunts, sisters, daughters, partners. Often our busy lives get in the way of spending precious time on self-care. Our Sacred Women’s Circle is a moment for self-love. It gives us permission to take time to nurture ourselves. A chance to pause and ask ourselves, "What do I need?" It’s a time to celebrate the divine feminine, to encourage originality and uniqueness in our sisters, and let your authentic Self shine! Tuesday June 4 at 7pm CST See you there! Review our terms of service for more information and disclaimers.

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