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Meditation by the Beach

Spiritual Wellness for mind body soul 

Unleash your inner power

Our retreats focus on 

mind, body & soul alignment.

They are sensory experiences in some of the most beautiful and highly energetic places on Earth. 

What is Inner power? 

That spark inside all of us.

Our true soul essence. 


Oftentimes we have a gap between who we are in our day to day life, and who we are at our core. This can be from societal demands, upbringing, or a longing to be accepted. This gap creates a disconnect, which can create stress, disease, and unhappiness.

What is Alignment? 

Closing that gap

Living in a way that sets your soul on fire 


ModernZenCo specializes in holistic spiritual wellness to ignite your inner power and close the gap. We love bringing together heart centered, purpose driven teachers to host classes virtually and retreats around the world.

Our teachers host classes on our site ranging from sacred women's circles to yoga, meditation to breathwork and much more.   

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