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Live in joy, be a kid again

Remember that feeling of being carefree as a child? Where the littlest things made you happy. Where your interests seemed to come out of nowhere but gave you great joy? This is your true self. Your full embodiment of you at your core essence before societal and familial programming molded you to be a different version of yourself.

How do you feel now? Do you still get excited every single day? Do you have childlike joy everyday? Do you find time to have joy even when times are tough or when there is too much to do?

Did you know that we are meant to live in joy? To do what makes us happy, while also learning through experiences that make us human. We will have hardships, we will have lessons to learn, some will be much deeper and darker than others, but what we do have deep inside of us is the ability to choose joy, even if for a few minutes. This is not to be confused with bypassing feelings or hardships. This goes alongside to have fulfillment (moving through hardships) and happiness (living in our joy).

Journal exercise

Before this journaling, give yourself 3 minutes of calm. Take deep breaths in and out and relax for 3 minutes or so focusing on your breath. This will reset your nervous system to feel clearly into your heart's desires.

Take some time to think of what you love. What do you truly love to do? What hobbies do you have that maybe you don’t tell others but that you truly enjoy? What hobbies do you tell others? What did you love doing as a child? What gives you great peace? What seems silly but lights you up? What are you being drawn to? What is your favorite drink? What is your favorite activity? What are interests you have that may seem random to someone else? An example of some things on my list; the sun on my face, iced matcha, long walks, dancing, warm smelling perfume or candles, comedies, cooking dinner, studying Russian history, learning a new language, healthy eating and research, the color sage, researching beauty tips, hugging my dog, learning spirituality, pilates .

Now make your own list, and remember no one sees this list but you.

Action after the journaling

The magic is the action behind this list. Where can you begin introducing these things into your day to day life? Do not make this a chore to check off the to-do list for the day, that will not light up your soul. Instead, add these in when you feel a lull or lacking energy, when you are feeling sad or drained, or even when you are feeling happy and want to double that happiness. If it feels right to you, you can even incorporate things on this list into a routine you do to honor yourself. For example, I make time when I can to go on a walk in the morning with iced matcha to drink, sometimes I also get the sun on my face. This feeds so much happiness into my day to start and never feels like a chore.



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