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It's Not Your Responsibility to Save Others: The Waves of Collective Healing on Earth

As we move forward in our day to day life, the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs, it is not uncommon to feel the weight of expectations to save others. But your calling isn't to rescue anyone else—it's to embark on your own spiritual journey of healing and self-discovery. It's all too easy to feel overwhelmed by the weight of others' struggles and to feel compelled to intervene and fix them. Especially when those struggles may impact your daily life, work, or relationships. However, your role isn't to save others—it's to prioritize your own healing and expansion. Know that by focusing on yourself, you naturally inspire (or provoke) healing in others. What this means is that as you continue to heal and grow (understanding your triggers and boundaries), you may trigger others that do not have the capacity yet to do so for themselves. Consider this a gift, even though it may not seem like that from their reaction. But you are the igniter to light a fire inside of them, to look inward in some way.

Genuine healing starts with self-awareness and self-love. It asks us to look deep into our souls, exploring the wounds and traumas that have shaped us, and the patterns that constrain us. It's a journey of peeling back layer upon layer of conditioning, and learning to embrace our true selves with boundless love and compassion. But healing doesn't have to be a big plan. Just by living life we are met with the triggers for anything unhealed inside of us. In those moments we get to decide how to react, and therefore how quickly we heal ourselves.

From an energetic standpoint, the current energy on Earth is heightened as we collectively undergo a profound healing journey. This process incudes not only the healing of Mother Gaia (Earth) but also the individual healing of each soul living here. As we move forward in this transformative journey, buried emotions, suppressed traumas, and overlooked aspects of ourselves are brought to the surface for awareness and resolution. This also means, more and more people may be lashing out, unaware that these emotions are trying to be healed. This cosmic phenomenon is linked to our purpose on Earth during this pivotal time of ascension from the third-dimensional plane (3D) to the fifth-dimensional realm (5D). Like we said before, this is our PhD level education in soul evolution.

Our souls incarnated here at this time for soul evolution and to heal any negative ingrained patterns that hinder our growth. While these lessons may sometimes feel overwhelming (PhD level!), they serve as catalysts for our greatest expansion and enlightenment. It is essential to meet these challenges with self-inquiry, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to your own healing journey. By welcoming your experiences with love and non-judgment, you gain the clarity and discernment needed to align with your soul's highest intentions, ushering you toward your optimal path of growth, authenticity, and divine fulfillment.

Our healing and ascension process mirrors the fascinating concept of the diffusion of innovation theory. This theory proposes that societal acceptance of innovation occurs in waves, with distinct groups embracing change at different intervals. At the forefront are the innovators, comprising the initial 2.5% who boldly pioneer new ideas. Following them are the early adopters, representing the next 13.5% eager to embrace novelty once it gains some traction. As innovation gains momentum, it attracts the early majority (34%) intrigued by the possibilities but hesitant until a critical mass is reached. The late majority (34%) cautiously follows suit as the scales tip further, while the laggards (16%) remain steadfast in their resistance to change. The awakening process mirrors this theory, illustrating how we each are on our own self-healing timeline. For more details on this, Dolores Cannon spoke heavily about the waves of volunteers and the awakening process to 5D New Earth. As we embark on our healing journey and listen to our inner voice, we ascend the scale of consciousness. This excitement for healing ourselves may give us the desire to save others. But, it is not for us to forcibly heal/save others directly. We heal through inspiration and raising our own energetic frequency.

Each soul adheres to its unique timeline for healing, guided by distinct phases and waves of enlightenment and consciousness. This awakening has a special purpose. It helps us shift from a world where we just follow rules and facts to a world filled with love and intuition, where we trust ourselves and feel in control of our own lives. Embracing this journey requires patience and empathy as we move towards both inner and outer liberation all while knowing that we are all on our own timeline.

Embrace your journey with courage and compassion. Permit yourself to delve into the depths of your being, to honor the profound wisdom that resides within. All while having fun and enjoying the ebbs and flows of life in the process. As you journey through the process of healing, you'll uncover the very core of who you are—a radiant being filled with boundless love and endless possibilities.

*For self inquiry on your own healing, I highly recommend Dr. Nicole LePera's book How To Do The Work.



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